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                                    Good afternoon, dear colleagues!

You are welcomed by a company « ALEX CREWING COMPANY» - one of leading companies in the field of selection and forming of crew for work in foreign fleet. (including all types of ships).
Our company is specialized on the skilled professional selection of specialists for work on the foreign fleet. We carefully choose the candidates of serious, experimental specialists from a numerous number. We check up the level of their preparation, and also experience in previous companies.
Our company possesses the most base of the seamen of all specialities on the South region of Ukraine. We thoroughly check up all documents of seamen on legality:

1. Passport of seaman and Travel passport, civil passport
2. Certificate of competency and endorsement
3. Certificates
4. Medical commission of international class
5. Alcohol - Drag test
6. Knowledge of English
7. Experience (verification of reviews about work)

The Ukrainian seamen are deserving and skilled specialists, knowing and respecting the work. Many European navigable companies in the process of long collaboration with

« ALEX CREWING COMPANY» made sure as our work on a selection for them specialists and complete responsibility from our side.

« ALEX CREWING COMPANY» - the command of specialists which purposefully and confidently in the work. A company has durable legal basis. In a presence there are all necessary on the legislation of Ukraine and proper an international legislation documents.

« ALEX CREWING COMPANY» develops swiftly ready to the collaboration with new, reliable partners.

With kind regards, director of company Natalie Aydoslu

54038Ukraine, Nikolaev, 46,General Karpenko str.Office 410,
Mob. Phone. 80667154184, 80631429157/80512-72-28-44
E-mail: alexcrew@mksat.net
Web http://alex-crewing.ucoz.ru/  Skype - Alexa-Sanny

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